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About Us

Since 2000 we have been looking after customers bikes from all over Northern Ireland, including Lisburn, Belfast, Saintfield, Banbridge, Newry, to name a few.

Our mechanics have over 30 years of experience working on all manner of bike from basic commuters, to high end full suspension mountain bikes and race ready road bikes.

All our work is guaranteed and insured, we offer some of the fastest turnarounds and only use the best replacement parts. Most service work is completed in 24 - 48 hours.

In a rush? No problem, pre-book and we’ll do it while you wait.

About Us

Bike Spanner started life in 2000 as the repair shop of Real Cycles. Initially located within Real Cycles in Carryduff, then at the larger showroom in Temple, we are now an separate business and operate out of our own fully fitted workshops in Forestside Shopping Centre, Belfast. With additional workshops in Ballynahinch, Co. Down.

At Forestside we deal with all bike drop offs and collections and day to day repair and servicing needs. Our aim at Forestside is fast turnarounds.

The more complex work is taken to our Ballynahinch site where we have the time and space to fettle your bike to perfection.
  • Road (alloy/carbon/Steel/Ti)
  • Mountain (26/29/650b/fat)
  • Hybrid / Commuters
  • Suspension (rear and forks)
  • Di2 Gears
  • Tourers / Cyclo-X
  • Fast turnarounds
  • Full insured
  • Open plan workshops
  • Repairs & servicing
  • Qualified mechanics
  • Late night opening


  • Should I book my bike in?
    YES! Booking your bike in via our booking form or phone is the only way to ensure a fast turnaround. We’ve limited space so if you just turn up with your bike we can’t guarantee to be able to take it in immediately.
  • Do I need to clean my bike first?
    YES! We simply can not and will not work on dirty bikes. To do so would not only put our mechanics health at risk (dog poo on tyres, yuk!) but means we can't fix things too. So clean it, properly, before you bring it in.

    If you really REALLY can't clean it, we will, but we charge £15 per bike (includes a drivetrain degrease) and doing so will delay your turnaround as we only open the cleaning station a couple of days a week.
  • Can I trust you to do the job right?
    100% yes. We exist today only because our attention to detail and honesty have gained us hundreds of regular customers over the years. Whilst our new trading name, Bike Spanner, is fairly new our parent company, Real Cycles, has operated in NI for nearly 20 years and is very well known as being honest and trustworthy. Ask your cycling friends.

    We're only human though, and sometimes we have a brain fade, but we stand over EVERYTHING we do. Got a problem with something we've done? Get in touch and we'll sort it.
  • Do you take card payment?
    Yes. All the usual, but not Amex.
  • I’ve an emergency, can you sort it “while I wait”?
    Very often, yes. But, and this is crucial, you MUST contact us first. Just turning up with your bike for an emergency repair won’t work. Email or call us first to arrange an emergency spot of the daily schedule.
  • Will you fit parts sourced online?
    Absolutely! It’s a big part of our service. Most of our regulars order items online for delivery direct to us, then they drop their bike in for fitment.
  • Do you use good quality genuine parts?
    Always! We have accounts with all the main suppliers and will only ever use genuine parts. We carry a range of SRAM and Shimano spares, and source most other things as required.

    We will never fit cheaper "no name" parts. It's just not cost effective to do so.
  • I've bought a bike online, can you build it?
    Absolutely! It’s a big part of our service. You can even have it delivered to us if you want. We will then build it and have it ready for collection. Please contact us beforehand though.
  • Can you fix my bike?
    We get asked this a lot, and the simple answer is without seeing it, we can’t say. Some bikes are beyond fixing, some too cheap too be economically viable, but without first being able to inspect the bike, it’s impossible to say.
  • Is my bike worth fixing?
    That depends. If it’s a cheap bike, chances are no. If it’s a good bike that is just really old and/or in a really bad way, again, chances are no.

    What do we consider cheap? We’re not bike snobs, but the reality is if it’s less than five years old and cost less than a couple of hundred pounds, it’s a cheap bike. We’ve nothing against cheap bikes but the reality is they’re often not cost effective to repair.

    Likewise, once great bikes that are now very old (over ten years) or in a bad way are often not cost effective to repair. Bike technology moves super fast and the chances are if it’s over ten years getting the parts might be a challenge.
  • Do you fix punctures?
    Yes. Well, we don't actually fix punctures, we replace tubes, but yes, we do it, and normally while you wait. Just call ahead to warn us your on the way and then drop in.

    Typically it costs £15 including the tubes. If it's a non standard bike, where the wheels are more time consuming to remove, this price will increase.
  • Do you fix electric bikes?
    As yet, no. Electric bikes require specialist equipment and more space than "normal" bikes, our workshop is not suitable for such bikes, so for now, sorry, we can't help. Sorry.
  • Do you fix kids bikes?
    Normally not. Experience has taught us that many kids bikes are simply not made to be repairable or serviceable, they’re made to be cheap. Nothing wrong with that, it’s just that it’s often not cost effective to fix them, so we tend not too.
  • Do you sell stuff?
    Other than the parts we fit when fixing or servicing bikes, no. We can get most items for you special order, but we have to question why you’d bother, being that everything is available cheap online. But, if you really want us to supply something, we’re happy to order it in.
  • Can I drop my bike to the Ballynahinch workshop?
    No. The Forestside workshop opens late till 8 most evenings, so it’s easy to drop and collect from there.
  • Can I watch you repair my bike?
    Your welcome to watch from the other side of the glass, but we can’t allow you into the workshop as we work.
  • Are you insured?
    Good question, and yes, we are insured with one of the countries leading cycle shop insurers.

    Why do we think this is a good question? Because most don't ask it, and many workshops are simply not insured. This means if you get a serious problem, or worse, the repair causes an incident, you have no recourse.
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